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How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously

Are you looking for ways to trade in bitcoin without sharing your identity and personal data? Wondering, can you buy bitcoins anonymously? Bitcoin is a new-age digital cryptocurrency that has fascinated many people to try their hands in. If you are the one, then here in this article, we will share with you some insightful details using which you can easily procure bitcoin along with keeping your privacy intact.

There may be various reasons why you wish to buy bitcoins anonymously, out of which the prime reason may be that every detail you reveal online is susceptible to hacking. So, to minimize the risk and have a safe and secure investment, it is wise to do it behind closed doors.

Now, let us take a look at ways of how you can enter into this rapidly growing world of bitcoin, anonymously –

#1 Buying bitcoin through P2P exchanges anonymously

Peer to Peer exchanges, termed as P2P crypto exchanges allow you to exchange bitcoins using cash without submitting any verification proof. These exchanges let you connect to a seller who wishes to sell his bitcoin. 

You might be wondering how these exchanges operate, or will my cash be safe? You need not worry about this, as these exchanges act as a third party, wherein you will dispatch your money, and the seller’s bitcoins are kept in an escrow. When the seller notifies receiving the payment to exchange, the bitcoin is delivered to you, which you can keep in your wallet. 

There are many P2P exchanges through which you can buy bitcoins anonymously, few are listed below– 

Paxful – Paxful is a very reputed P2P trading platform through which you can find a seller in your nearby area and transact with him using bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and gift cards. The process to register on Paxful is very easy, and it is totally up to you whether you want to share your verification id or not while transacting via Paxful. 

HODL HODL – HODL HODL is a P2P platform that gives you access to a global marketplace facilitating you to buy bitcoins without any KYC procedures. This platform also provides telegram notifications so that you need not miss out on any trading information. 

Bisq – Bisq is a decentralized open-source desktop application by which you can buy or sell a cryptocurrency privately using other national currencies. The best part is you can directly start trading using Bisq, as it does not require any registration formalities. 

#2 Buying bitcoin anonymously through bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs work similarly to regular ATMs using which you can buy a bitcoin discreetly in cash without providing any personal details or undergoing any sort-of verification procedures. Other than this, you neither need to scan for any fingerprint identification nor undergo any facial recognition process making it completely private and secure. 

All you need to do is find a bitcoin ATM nearby your locality, which you can easily find using Bitcoin ATM Map

These machines connected to the internet are very convenient to operate, providing you with both options of depositing cash or swiping your credit card depending upon your convenience. You need to perform the transaction, post which the bitcoin gets delivered to your wallet. 

However, if you don’t have any wallet, then when the machine asks for your bitcoin address, you have to mention that you don’t have one, doing which the device will automatically provide you with a paper wallet. 

Afterwards, through a private key provided on your paper wallet, you can transfer your bitcoins to your desired location. In this way, you can also maintain complete secrecy in your transaction. 

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