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Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Germany – Best Exchanges 2021

When it comes to making money work for you, investment is the best thing. It helps in growing your hard-earned income and achieving financial stability. 

There are many investment ways by which you can create a side income in Germany. Some of them are infusing money in the stock market, pension plans, ETFs, and much more. 

If you have already traded in them and are searching for some latest options, you can opt for Bitcoin financing, which has gained popularity in much less time. 

But before trying your hands at it, it is vital to know the right ways to buy bitcoin in Germany, which we will tell you in this article.  Let’s take a look – 

Best Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in Germany

A bitcoin exchange, similar to stock market portals, is where investors can digitally buy or sell cryptocurrencies. They can do so using fiat currencies or altcoins like Litecoin, Vechain, Stellar, and much more.   

They let you safely and securely invest in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and many more. For starting your investing journey in Bitcoin, all you have to do is register on them by submitting specific details. 

To make your work easy, we have listed below some of the best bitcoin exchanges in Germany. 

1) is one of the popular portals for trading in crypto. It lets you buy Bitcoin in Germany using several payment methods like Master card, bank transfer( SEPA, ACH, SWIFT ), and cryptocurrency. 

It has its presence in several parts of the world like the United States, Europe, and various South American regions.  

This online portal registered in the UK gives you a facility of automated trading through APIs like Websocket, Rest API, and Fix API. 

2) is the largest crypto platform operating in Europe and is considered to be the best crypto exchange of Germany. It conducts  regular audits with an aim to provide a  high level of security to its users. 

This exchange lets you store your fund in your bank account, protected by statutory deposit insurance. This way, it saves you from the risk of losing your fund in case the exchange becomes insolvent. 

Also, it has created a bug bounty program, awarding you for telling loopholes that can lead to safety issues in their platform. 

3) Bitmart 

Bitmart, founded in the year 2017, is a cryptocurrency exchange operating throughout the globe. It allows you to trade Bitcoins in 180+ countries like Hongkong, Seoul, New York, and a lot more.

With this digital medium, you can deal in several currencies like Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, and a lot more, whenever you wish to via both desktop and mobile apps. 

It proffers its users an advantage of earning interest on their crypto regardless of market moves by locking it for a definite period. 

4) eToro 

eToro is a leading crypto company providing its customers with an easy and simple interface.

It has come up with a unique feature of copy trading, by which you can imitate the investing strategies of successful investors, making it the first social trading platform. 

Moreover, they provide a different investment experience via its visual trading tool, making it easy to invest using pictorial representations. 

This forum operated in Europe by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission does not charge any trading and deposit fees. 

5) Bitstamp 

Bitstamp is a trustworthy medium when it comes to procuring bitcoins in Germany. It provides you with a diverse range of deposit and withdrawal choices like SEPA, bank transfers, and credit cards. 

This portal offers you real-time data information and various analytical tools to help you devise a strategy and gain more profits. 

To save you from any potential hacks, they have incorporated procedures like two-factor verification and alerts via text messages.

They permit their users to trade using various fiat currencies like Dollar, Euro, and Pound.  

6) Bitpanda 

Headquartered in Austria, Bitpanda has become a famous crypto exchange in Europe. They offer you vouchers named Bitcoin to go, which you can redeem online and convert into your favorite cryptocurrency. 

It lets you swap digital currencies, by which you can trade one currency for another. Besides, they proffer you with a crypto wallet of your own, where you can keep your digital currency.

Furthermore, they have an option of creating a price alert notifying you every time whenever the price falls or rises within your set limits. 

7) Bitfinex

Started in Hongkong, Bitfinex has emerged as a favorite choice of many users in Germany too. It lets you indulge in margin trading, with which you can earn a high return by investing a low amount.

They also give the benefit of staking to you. If you wonder what is staking? 

It is an activity by which you can hold your digital tokens in a crypto wallet and earn rewards that depend from platform to platform. 

Further, through their customizable interface, you can create your layout and maintain notifications. 

Buy Bitcoin Anonymously in Germany  

If you wish to buy bitcoin anonymously in Germany, we have come up with some of the most exemplary techniques that let you do so. They are as follows- 


#1 Local Bitcoin 

Local bitcoin is a peer-to-peer exchange that lets you purchase cryptocurrencies in an entirely unidentified way. 

It works in a slightly different manner. Firstly you have to build up advertisements, select your payment method and finalize the exchange rate you want to deal with other users.  

Other than this, it allows you to trade in bitcoin by personally meeting the other person, keeping the transaction’s secrecy. 

#2 Bitcoin ATMs 

Bitcoin ATMs is one of the smartest approaches to acquire bitcoin in Germany. They operate similarly as a regular ATM, by which you can have bitcoin in cash without sharing any personal details. 

If you wish to make the transaction more discreet, you can get a paper transcript from the atm without sharing your wallet details. 

To know where the Bitcoin ATM is located near your vicinity in Germany, you can use ATM maps. 


Bitcoin has become a widely accepted digital currency in various countries of the globe. It has completely transformed the way people used to invest. 

Talking about Germany, it is a booming bitcoin market that can have a profitable future in the upcoming years, provided the government adequately supports it. 

Crypto Expert
Crypto Expert
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